Shrub Syrup Kit


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Bartenders know that sour is the new star. If your cocktail or soda water needs a fresh dose of flavor, shrubs are the answer.

These mixtures of vinegar, sugar, and fruits or vegetables have been enjoyed throughout history and across cultures, from the Ancient Babylonians and Romans, to China, England, and beyond. Now they’re back—better, brighter, bolder, and more balanced than ever. Each of these Experimental Shrub Syrups is laced with a few drops of in-house bitters, adding a dose of complexity to an ancient formula.

In the Kit: 

Champagne Lychee: Lychee’s everlasting sweetness is balanced out by Champagne vinegar for a bright and floral addition to a cold glass of anything bubbly—sparkling water, a Gin and Tonic, or, yes, Champagne! Makrut lime leaf bitters and burnt mandarin orange peel add complex, rounded citrus notes.

Bourbon Peach: A playful nod to peach cobbler built to amp up your soda water. Bourbon Peach is full of warm baking spices and late summer peach flavor topped off with tingly green Sichuan peppercorn and oaky clove bourbon bitters. Does Michael Bublé's soda have bourbon bitters? We think not.

Mezcal Mango: Sweet and tropical with a kick, this shrub syrup marries ripe mango with Riesling and white balsamic vinegars, Persian lime, ginger, and jalapeño. Black pepper mezcal bitters are the secret star here, though, bringing a backbone of lightly smoky spice that ties everything together.

Strawberry SakéLike biting into a perfectly ripened strawberry...if that strawberry also had notes of cardamom and rose. Housemade rose saké bitters made with real rose petals add a subtle floral note and a peerlessly beautiful version of pulp to this fresh and fruity beverage booster.