Ripple: Limited Edition Proxies 3-pack


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There’s nothing like a light summer breeze creating ripples on a calm lake. But if there’s no lake around, let this fresh, tart, and thirst-quenching rosé be your breath of fresh air. Mint and watermelon combine for a cooling effect, backed up by Oolong’s grassy, aromatic edge and the light licorice notes of Lucknow fennel. Breezy but sophisticated.

Fruit: Watermelon, Raspberry, Trebbiano Grapes

Acidity: Verjus, Lemon

Spice: Chamomile, Morrocan Mint Tea, Lucknow Fennel, Ginger

Body: Silver Needle White Tea, Spring of Four Seasons Oolong

Pair With: Summer Salads, Grilled Halloumi, Fried Chicken, Gazpacho

Serve at 40-45° F. 

Spotlight: Lucknow Fennel

These Indian fennel seeds are smaller, sweeter, and more aromatic than other varieties. Here, the fennel seeds bring a layer of complex aromatics and a lingering touch of licorice to complement the refreshing watermelon.