Aggressively Umami Kit


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Umami is often described as the elusive fifth taste—well, no more. Our Aggressively Umami Kit features four ultra umami-laden products to take your flavor game to places Guy Fieri can only dream of. Welcome umami to the forefront.

In the Kit: 

Hopped-Up HoisinOur take on the beloved classic has balance and depth thanks to the addition of Pacific Jade hops and smoky black malt.

Dash of DashiAll the flavors and umami of dashi stock condensed into a powerful powder with fried shallot, miso, soy sauce, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, katsuobushi, and more. 

Aspergillus AdobozaeA ridiculous name for a delicious meaty marinade. Aspergillus oryzae, aka koji, and adobo—the quintessential Filipino dish—come together in this ultimate umami mix.

Coconut Nam PrikForget Sichuan chili crisp, this Thai-inspired chili sauce made with toasted coconut, shallots, shrimp paste, lime, and dried chili is the only crunchy, crispy, spicy sauce you need.