Acid Redux Kit


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Four brand new living vinegars set to bring the perfect finishing touch to your cooking. This curated bundle includes two new takes on balsamic—one bolstered by deep roasted vegetables, the other rich with raspberries and blackberries—plus a refined bourbon-barrel-aged apple cider vinegar, and a savory red wine vinegar made with Barbera and spiced sweet vermouth. We got our start making vinegar, and these are our new favorites. Take a walk on the sour side today.

In the Kit 

Vermouth Rosso Vinegar: Our love of negronis led us to this fun take on red wine vinegar. Barbera grape juice from Montferrat and sweet vermouth from Turin come together to create a smooth red wine vinegar with a hint of herbal complexity courtesy of vermouth’s botanical backbone.

Bourbon Barrel ACV: Not to brag, but aging apple cider vinegar with charred oak that previously housed bourbon was one of our better ideas. If you think ACV is harsh and one-note, think again. With crisp apple complemented by notes of caramel and brown sugar, this is a unique yet versatile vinegar.

Wild Berry Balsamic: Rich, luxurious, and just plain delicious. Raspberries and blackberries bring both extra acidity and a touch of fruity sweetness to the classic balsamic flavors. Reduce to a glaze to top cheesecake, or use as-is on salads, seared steak, duck breast, or even more berries.

Roasted Vegetable Balsamic: A modern version of the Modena classic. Roasted red pepper, sauteed onion, carrot, and celery combine to bring deep vegetal flavor to this vinegar that magically tastes like a platter of grilled vegetables drizzled with aged balsamic. You’ll want to try it on everything.