Proxies. Wine, but not. 

Layered blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters, and more designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your finest stemware.

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A non-alcoholic wine club designed for the sober curious, non-drinkers, and wine lovers alike.

Wine Proxies


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Each month, we make three new Proxies. Fresh flavors balancing fruit, acidity, spice, and body with all the complexity of great wine, and none of the alcohol.


Proxies ship within two weeks of your order date.


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Questions? See the Proxies FAQ page.

Current Release

Each box contains our three newest Proxies, created and curated by our proxymaker.

Proxy No. 10
"Greener Grass"

Fresh, green, grassy, and just plain electric. Spring’s first harvests are not as sweet and ripe as those that follow but they’re no less delicious. Greener Grass threads that line between vegetal and fruity, meshing green apple, cucumber, lime, and delicate green tea with vibrant Riesling juice and fragrant herbs for a refreshing and revitalizing sensation in every sip. Because the grass actually is greener in the springtime. 

Fruit: Green Apple, Cucumber, Riesling Grapes
Acidity: Verjus, Lime Vinegar, Lemon
Spice: Licorice Root, Orris Root, Nettle, Holy Basil
Body: Sumire Sencha Green Tea

Proxy No. 11
"Sleepless in Sendai"

Nothing can quite capture the beauty of cherry blossoms blooming in Sendai, Japan’s City of Trees. But while sakura season springs forth with sheer beauty, the flowers soon flutter down to the ground and die—a reminder to slow down, enjoy life, and cherish time with friends and family. Perhaps over a glass of this soothing, subtly floral rosé made with preserved sakura, plum blossoms, cascara, star anise, and sandalwood.

Fruit: Plum, Pinot Blanc Grapes
Acidity: Verjus, Sakura Vinegar
Spice: Plum Blossom, Star Anise, Jasmine Flower
Body: Cascara, Silver Needle White Tea, Sandalwood

Proxy No. 12
"Bee Complex"

All through the winter, honey bees huddle together in their hive but when the first flowers appear they spring back to action. The worker bees move quickly to feed their queen, drawing the nectar from all the barely bloomed local flowers. This dessert wine Proxy captures the flavors of their first batch of honey—sweet, floral, and round with honey, peach, and calendula but with bright, balancing acidity from tangerine juice and ginger vinegar.

Fruit: Tangerine, Peach, Pinot Blanc Grapes
Acidity: Ginger Vinegar
Spice: Propolis, Bee Pollen, Honeysuckle, Calendula
Body: Linden Honey


Still have questions? Check out the full Wine Proxies FAQ here.