Holiday Proxies Gift Pack

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'Tis the Season for Proxies

Everyone deserves great drinks this holiday season—with these three Proxies, there's no reason the non-alcoholic option can't be the most interesting drink at the party.

In the Pack

The classic Christmas dessert may be a love it or hate it affair, but this golden blend is a pure holiday winner. Forget stale cake—dried fruit and baking spices come together in perfect harmony with bright riesling, pineapple, and orange zest in this surprisingly lively drink.

Linger by the warm fire with this deep, dark rosé inspired by classic holiday cranberry sauce. Cranberries combine with blood orange, ginger, and gentian for a drink that works perfectly alongside all your favorite holiday fare.

Tasters often say that aged red wines display aromas of mushrooms and truffles, so we figured we’d try adding some for real. And because it’s the holiday season, we opted for the most prized variety—Alba white truffles—for the perfect earthy finishing note to this elegant, fruity red.

Please note that this gift pack contains the same three bottles as the current Proxies Club pack.

For more information, see the Proxies FAQ page.