Ultimate Umami Kit


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Take your cooking to the next level with this curated kit of umami-rich ingredients. Add effortless earthy umami with our Wild Mushroom Starter, layers of flavor with deep, dark Roasted Vegetable Balsamic, slightly sweet and funky Caramelized Fish Sauce, complex craft Worcestershire, rich Oak-Aged Tamari, and a touch of finishing spice with Liquid Kimchi. 

In the Kit

Roasted Vegetable Balsamic: A modern version of the Modena classic. Roasted red pepper, sauteed onion, carrot, and celery combine to bring deep vegetal flavor to this vinegar that magically tastes like a platter of grilled vegetables drizzled with aged balsamic. You’ll want to try it on everything.

Wild Mushroom Starter: Mushrooms are the ultimate umami source. This concentrated flavor bomb combines wild mushrooms with roasted garlic for an earthy punch that’s more mushroomy than a mushroom itself. An explosion of flavor in every drop, this is the ideal secret ingredient to soup up your cooking.

Caramelized Fish Sauce: Mixing fish sauce and sugar is a fixture of Vietnamese cuisine. Okinawan black sugar—a savory, earthy sugar sourced from the tiny island of Hateruma—reimagines this combination, bringing rounded, caramelized notes to this premium Phú Quốc fish sauce. Try it on everything grilled.

Oak-Aged Tamari: Sourced from an artisanal producer in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, this rich tamari brewed with water from the mountains of Toyota gets an extra kick of umami from our in-house oak-aging. Over time, the charred American oak rounds out all the savoriness with a hint of sweet vanilla.

Worcestershire: You may not want to pronounce the name but you’ll want this pronounced punch of flavor on everything. Ours is even more complex than the classic, seamlessly meshing bright blood orange and Meyer lemon, spicy habanero, umami-rich umeboshi, smoked malt vinegar, and more.

Liquid Kimchi: What if you transformed the spicy, tangy, delightfully funky flavors of kimchi into a concentrated, easy-to-use sauce? Like us, you’d probably put it on everything—rice, grilled meat, fried eggs, tacos, and more all benefit from a drizzle of this addictively complex condiment.