Olive Oil & Balsamic Tasting Set


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There’s no better team than olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and this kit is living proof. Our cold-pressed, single-origin Spanish olive oils—delicate Empeltre and bold, spicy Arbequina—are the stars of the show, flanked by luxe Wild Berry Balsamic and savory, earthy Roasted Vegetable Balsamic. Mix and match or use them solo for a flavor experience that's nothing short of alchemy.

In the Kit 

Empeltre Extra Virgin Olive Oil 001: Rarely found outside Aragón, empeltre olives are the region’s golden child. This delicate oil with flashes of fennel on the nose and a subtly sweet finish is a willing supporting act but becomes a star with the right pairing. Try it on vanilla ice cream to see for yourself.

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 002: Farmed with regenerative practices, the arbequina olives used in this oil are harvested at dawn and immediately cold-pressed at a nearby mill to preserve all their distinct fruity flavors. Fresh and spicy, this full-flavored finishing punch makes every dish a standout.

Roasted Vegetable Balsamic: A modern version of the Modena classic. Roasted red pepper, sauteed onion, carrot, and celery combine to bring deep vegetal flavor to this vinegar that magically tastes like a platter of grilled vegetables drizzled with aged balsamic. You’ll want to try it on everything.

Wild Berry Balsamic: Rich, luxurious, and just plain delicious. Raspberries and blackberries bring both extra acidity and a touch of fruity sweetness to the classic balsamic flavors. Reduce to a glaze to top cheesecake, or use as-is on salads, seared steak, duck breast, or even more berries.