Hot Sauce Kit


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Nothing wakes up a dish (and your nervous system) like a hearty dose of heat—but as every true spice freak knows, one hot sauce does not fit all. This kit packs in a full spectrum of fiery flavor, from citrusy Saffron Gold and funky Liquid Kimchi to warm Sichuan Málà and smoky Baton Rouge. Uncap a bottle and choose your own adventure.

In the Kit 

Saffron Gold: Mixing citrus and saffron is classic but layers of tasteful heat from fermented habanero and escabeche peppers, depth from roasted garlic, and sweetness from honey make this a strikingly unique sauce. Not quite hot sauce, not quite like anything you’ve ever tried. The new gold standard.

Liquid Kimchi: What if you transformed the spicy, tangy, delightfully funky flavors of kimchi into a concentrated, easy-to-use sauce? Like us, you’d probably put it on everything—rice, grilled meat, fried eggs, tacos, and more all benefit from a drizzle of this addictively complex condiment.

Baton Rouge: Everyday hot sauce with a twist. Aging a citrusy red serrano sauce in medium-toasted American oak brings out rich, rounded notes to complement the spice. Think of the difference between moonshine and bourbon—this is hot sauce with a smoky and subtly sweet finish.

Sichuan Málà: Sweet, savory, numbing, spicy, bold. The unique málà punch from floral, tongue-tingling Sichuan peppercorns combined with fruity, fiery scotch bonnets leads the way, while black garlic, cinnamon, fennel, and clove add layers of depth to this intensely flavorful hot sauce.