Sauce Refresh Kit


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It's time to replace all those sticky old bottles hanging out on the side door of your fridge with some fresh flavor. This kit brings you fresh takes on classic condiments like fish sauce, soy, and Worcestershire, along with new innovations like an allium sauce that cuts garlic and onion chopping from your routine, and a tastefully spicy saffron and citrus sauce that's set to become your new favorite condiment.

In the Kit 

Oak-Aged Tamari: Sourced from an artisanal producer in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, this rich tamari brewed with water from the mountains of Toyota gets an extra kick of umami from our in-house oak-aging. Over time, the charred American oak rounds out all the savoriness with a hint of sweet vanilla.

Worcestershire: You may not want to pronounce the name but you’ll want this pronounced punch of flavor on everything. Ours is even more complex than the classic, seamlessly meshing bright blood orange and Meyer lemon, spicy habanero, umami-rich umeboshi, smoked malt vinegar, and more.

Caramelized Fish Sauce: Mixing fish sauce and sugar is a fixture of Vietnamese cuisine. Okinawan black sugar—a savory, earthy sugar sourced from the tiny island of Hateruma—reimagines this combination, bringing rounded, caramelized notes to this premium Phú Quốc fish sauce. Try it on everything grilled.

Saffron Gold: Mixing citrus and saffron is classic but layers of tasteful heat from fermented habanero and escabeche peppers, depth from roasted garlic, and sweetness from honey make this a strikingly unique sauce. Not quite hot sauce, not quite like anything you’ve ever tried. The new gold standard.

All the Alliums: All the garlic and onion flavor you crave, with none of the chopping. Fermented black garlic and tangy dijon mustard vinegar add complexity you never realized you were missing. Mix into marinades, drizzle into sauces, slather on sandwiches—just try it on allium the things.