Quick Complexity Kit

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With this set of cooking hacks, you don't have to compromise on flavor when you just need to get dinner on the table ASAP. After a long day's work, these full-flavored vinegars, starters, and condiments bring you complex cooking, quickly. Skip chopping garlic and onions, skip the hour-long braises and endless reducing, but don't skip out on flavor. Vegan & Gluten-Free!

In the Kit 

Wild Berry Balsamic: Rich, luxurious, and just plain delicious. Raspberries and blackberries bring both extra acidity and a touch of fruity sweetness to the classic balsamic flavors. Reduce to a glaze to top cheesecake, or use as-is on salads, seared steak, duck breast, or even more berries.

Bourbon Barrel ACV: Not to brag, but aging apple cider vinegar with charred oak that previously housed bourbon was one of our better ideas. If you think ACV is harsh and one-note, think again. With crisp apple complemented by notes of caramel and brown sugar, this is a unique yet versatile vinegar.

Red Wine Vegetable Starter: Vegan, yet meaty. By concentrating the flavors of purple carrots, tomatoes, roasted garlic, onion, and celery with a splash of cabernet sauvignon, we created a veggie starter that recalls classic marchand de vin—a red wine, beef demi-glace reduction that’s decidedly not vegan.

Wild Mushroom Starter: Mushrooms are the ultimate umami source. This concentrated flavor bomb combines wild mushrooms with roasted garlic for an earthy punch that’s more mushroomy than a mushroom itself. An explosion of flavor in every drop, this is the ideal secret ingredient to soup up your cooking.

All the Alliums: All the garlic and onion flavor you crave, with none of the chopping. Fermented black garlic and tangy dijon mustard vinegar add complexity you never realized you were missing. Mix into marinades, drizzle into sauces, slather on sandwiches—just try it on allium the things.

Oak-Aged Tamari: Sourced from an artisanal producer in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, this rich tamari brewed with water from the mountains of Toyota gets an extra kick of umami from our in-house oak-aging. Over time, the charred American oak rounds out all the savoriness with a hint of sweet vanilla.

Note: The lead photo is missing Red Wine Vegetable Starter, but we promise it will be in your kit!