Kitchen Makeover Kit


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Our Kitchen Makeover Kit is designed to make anyone and everyone happy—bringing a healthy dose of fresh flavor to every corner of the kitchen.

Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar showcases the fresh and fruity side of vinegar—try it in cocktails, on beet salads, and seared scallops.

Garden Heat Living Vinegar, by contrast, goes vegetal with celery, carrot, tomato, and spicy jalapeño, making it a match for charred veggies, roasted squash, bloody marys, and more.

For unmatched brightness, turn to our Experimental Editions Electric Citrus Vinegar. This one is full of grapefruit, tropical hops, and citrus zest—we dare you not to just drink it straight up! 

Rounding out the kit, Sicilian Sunburn Hot Pepper Sauce is the mellow, moody hot sauce you never knew you needed with notes of roasted tomato, garlic, and savory herbs amped up by bright acidity and tasteful spice.