Mother Cocktail Vinegar Kit


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The mother of all cocktail kits—four unique Cocktail Vinegars designed for your drinks. You’ve heard of cocktail bitters, right? A cocktail vinegar is the same idea, but with an acidic edge. These are some of our most potent vinegars to date, developed with the mad scientist mixology team at Toronto’s Mother Cocktail Bar to bring maximum impact to your drinks. 

Add umami with Tokyo Tomato, fresh spice with Five Alarm Fire, delightful depth with Turkish Coffee, and herbal aromatics with Herbes de Provence. Just a couple drops transform any drink into something new. And don’t tell our bartender friends we said so, but they’re pretty damn delicious in your cooking too...

In the Kit: 

Tokyo TomatoAn umami-rich vinegar featuring fresh Roma tomatoes, soy sauce, shiitakes, and kombu built for a Bloody Mary. But this is so much more than a one-trick flavor trip, bringing depth to almost any drink or dish you can think of.

Five Alarm FireThe first test batch of this five pepper vinegar was so spicy it torched our tongue for days. The name Five Alarm Fire stuck, but the spice is now much more controlled with fresh bell pepper accented by fruity scotch bonnets. An ideal match with tequila, but downright delicious on its own as well.

Turkish CoffeeThis deep, dark vinegar meshes balsamic, cold brew coffee, and cardamom for a transporting flavor booster that works well with all your favorite brown spirits. But really we dare you not to just drink it alone.

Herbes de ProvenceWe make this super special vinegar by juicing herbs—and yes that’s as annoying as it sounds—for layers of fresh, crisp flavor. Lemon, oregano, marjoram, parsley, chives, thyme, savory, and sea salt combine for a burst of bright green energy that amps up gin cocktails and anything else you think to add it to.