Acid League x Diaspora Co. Nandini Coriander Kit


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Diaspora Co.’s thoughtfully-sourced spices and Acid League’s bold flavor experiments collide in this exclusive, limited-edition kit. Three rich, multidimensional single-origin spices and one vibrant vinegar, ready to push your cooking to new frontiers.


Nandini Coriander Living Vinegar: Diaspora Co.’s fragrant, floral Nandini coriander is the star of this mouthwateringly bright living vinegar. Fresh orange juice and bold ginger amplify Nandini’s lemon and herbal notes for a dash of instant sunshine.

Nandini Coriander: Grown in Gujarat on the Sakariya family farm beside lemons and guavas, Diaspora Co.'s crisp, citrusy Nandini coriander adds next-level nuance to dal, seafood, dressings and even baked goods.

Guntur Sannam Chillies: Redolent with notes of sumac, tomato and lemon, this savoury ground chili is grown on the Narne family farm in a historic chili-producing region of Andhra Pradesh, and milled traditionally with a touch of sesame oil and salt.

Aranya Black Pepper: Diaspora founder Sana Javeri Kadri told us she always hated black pepper—until she came across this deep, complex dried black pepper with a touch of fruity heat. Each peppercorn is vine-ripened to perfection on the Parameswaran family farm in Kerala (located right next door to a tiger reserve).

Dhana Jeera-Chilli Dressing Recipe: To get you started on your flavor adventure, we've included this exclusive dressing recipe—a favourite at Diaspora HQ’s family dinners, and a flawless accompaniment for seared paneer to seafood and everything in between.